A Mentalism Show Like None Other

Using his understanding of human nature, Austin mentalist Brad Henderson can tell people what they are thinking—even before they know they are going to think it. Using a profound understanding of applied human psychology, Brad creates indelible memories in this interactive, fun-filled show experience.

The Mind Show is a mentalism show designed to appeal to intelligent, adult audiences who want to be mystified, entertained, and perhaps even inspired. Your guests will be astonished at what their amazing minds can do, as Brad leads them on a journey exploring the depth and breadth of what is possible.

The show begins with a fully interactive introduction to mind reading. Guests will be stunned as they somehow seem to know what Brad is thinking. Soon, the audience is eager to be part of the show—to see what they may be capable of themselves.

The Mind Show explores reading people—the signals and clues that everyone gives off as a part of communication. Cards and words merely thought of are revealed by studying your guests and reading their tells. (Unlike other mentalists, Brad is comfortable sharing the psychological principles on which his demonstrations are based.)

The mentalism show quickly escalates into recreations of psychic readings, and how an experienced communicator can influence the thoughts, actions, and decisions of everyone. The Mind Show also explores the power of hypnotism, mental illusions, and climaxes with a stunt where Brad literally places his entire future on the line!

Austin mentalist Brad Henderson is an expert mind reader and a consummate entertainer who has his presented his corporate-friendly mentalism show throughout the United States, including appearances at The Hollywood Club in Los Angeles, California; the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada; and The Four Season’s Resort and Hotel on Walt Disney World property in Orlando, Florida. In addition, the critically-acclaimed TV show The Mentalist used Brad’s work a research tool for the character Patrick Jane.

  • Type

    Mentalism show, mind reading, motivational

  • Context

    Mid-day office energizer or after dinner keynote.

  • Size

    Audiences of 20-2000

  • Duration

    Customizable between 20 – 65 minutes

  • Requirements

    A quality sound system, two small tables, and three chairs.

Mind Speak

A behind-the-scenes look at The Mind Show.

Brad can also present an interactive workshop seminar called Mind Speak. In Mind Speak, Brad explores the techniques involved in the production of The Mind Show and how to apply them to interpersonal and business communication opportunities. Brad poses the question, “If I can read you, can you not read me?”

In Mind Speak, Brad teaches carefully guarded secrets that sales and management teams can use to enhance their non-verbal communication enhances so it supports their intended message. The seminar is hands-on and entertaining while being educational and motivational.