Sleight Of Hand

The Soirée is a modern interpretation of the salon experience of the 19th Century. Friends and colleagues would gather together for food, drinks, conversation, and enlightenment; sometimes there would be celebrated performers, sometimes noted speakers, and sometimes rousing debates.

Brad Henderson’s Soirée harkens back to a time when patrons brought artists to their homes to witness the marvels they created.

The Soiree features awe-inspiring demonstrations of sleight of hand, breathtaking displays of magic artistry, unreal exhibitions of mind-reading, and forays into bizarre and exhilarating subjects such as hypnosis, spiritualism, and the art of the con game.

Unlike most magic shows, the Soirée is an active experience designed to be experienced around a table, all guests packed in as tightly as possible. Brad Henderson is one of the only magicians on the planet who allows—and even encourages—guests to sit right next to him or stand behind him. The focus of the show is not Brad’s amazing dexterity as a prestidigitator or his charm as a storyteller. No, the focus of the show is the audience itself.

Each performance is as unique as its guests as Brad fashions a one-of-a-kind experience that showcases the group’s personality. Your event deserves the best. For more information regarding pricing and availability, give us a call.

Magic, as an art, speaks to the most imaginative of souls.

Magic reminds us that the world is not always as it seems and anything could be possible. It is the condition to which all other arts strive: to be magical.

The Soiree is a rare opportunity to experience the best of what magic has to offer, up close, in person, guided by one of its modern masters.

See Brad perform pieces from the Soirée at The Magic Castle in Hollywood