Trade Show & Strolling Magic

Brad Henderson is an experienced trade show magician and a wizard at merging marketing messages with entertainment using customized, scripted presentations that revolve around your message.


Marketing research reveals trade show magician to be one of the most effective tools for sales and marketing presentations.

Case Studies

When the sales team at Nellcor was being bombarded by customers sent to their booth with misleading information by their competitor, Brad Henderson was called in to discharge the situation.

The competition was intentionally deceiving customers by using equipment improperly. So, Brad gave the audience a peek behind the curtain. He showed them how easy it was to trick intelligent people—even those who were actively looking out for deception. He demonstrated how incredibly simple it was to manipulate the machines while educating attendees on the real issues.

Not only was this a hit with the client and the crowds, but within three shows, the competitor was forced to discontinue their deceptive demonstrations. Health care professionals were then empowered to make decisions based on facts, not cheap stunts.

When Hewlett-Packard rolled out their new rebranding initiative, HP Invent, Brad’s interactive magic demonstrations brought the fun and excitement of innovation to trade show attendees throughout the United States. HP needed an engaging method to communicate their multi-faceted vector campaign to the government technology sector, so Brad created and delivered a memorable pitch.

Entertainment Marketing

Austin-based trade show magician Brad Henderson is an expert at fusing jaw-dropping magic with lead generating sales and marketing messaging. Whether at the Las Vegas Convention Center, McCormick Place in Chicago, or the Gaylord Hotel in Orlando, Brad Henderson draws crowds and communicates messages that entertain and stick.

Brad’s custom presentations are the most creative and thoughtful in the industry. When top magicians need engaging, entertaining, original scripts that appeal to intelligent audiences, they call Brad.  When top companies need the perfect entertainment marketing experience, Brad Henderson delivers. No longer will guests pop in, and go. With Brad on your marketing team, your clients will return again and again to hear your message.

Hospitality Suites & Strolling Magic

But the trade show floor isn’t the only place to connect with potential customers. If you are hosting a hospitality suite, get the full benefit of your investment by having Brad give your valuable guests a reason to stick around and connect with your team.

Brad delivers incredible, up close, sleight of hand magic, jaw dropping psychologically-based mind reading, and can even demonstrate the closely guarded techniques of card cheats and con artists in an entertaining, intelligent, and engaging manner. Brad presents his hospitality suite experience seated at a small table. Guests come and go as he creates memories constantly and consistently throughout the evening. For larger events, Brad can stroll among the guests, carefully choosing small groups with whom to share his special skills.

Whether you need effective draw at your trade show booth or want to host the most talked about hospitality suite at your next trade convention, trade show magician Brad Henderson will make your event a success.

What Clients Say

Phyllis Koenig

You say everything we were trying to say and make it easy to understand and fun. People love you!

Phyllis KoenigMarketing Director, HP

We love seeing attendees bring co-workers and colleagues to the booth to hear your presentations. When the client wants you to advertise to them, you know you have something special.