How to Find a Great Magician for Hire

Austin & Houston magician reveals insider tips for evaluating a magician for hire.

Previously, we discussed how to ensure you have the best magic show. Today, we’ll explore how to sift through your options when deciding on a magician for hire.

With the pervasiveness of reality TV, one would think the world would get wise to the blatant lying and manipulation possible through the video medium. Now, I’m not talking about the camera tricks some TV magicians use, I’m talking about something much more nefarious—the illusion of quality.

Today’s tip: Don’t be fooled

Magicians lie for the purposes of entertainment; it’s what we do. The problem is when a magician for hire is lying to potential clients. One local magician happily claims to have won several notable magic awards—prizes that he has never received. He argues that these exaggerations are just “part of the show.” (Incidentally, there is one dubious magic company that will sell you such a “notable award” for the right price!)

Some of the “best” Youtube magicians post magic that can only be performed for set up situations with actors pretending to be characters and friends pretending to be unsuspecting volunteers. There are now magicians—even famous magicians like Criss Angel—who have built their careers on televised magic which they can never replicate in any live performance setting. When guests pay for a ticket to their live show, they inevitably leave disappointed.

 You can’t trust what you see in online magic videos.

Any magician for hire can crib together a 3-minute video taking the best few seconds of each show over a period of years. But you aren’t hiring someone to show their 3 minute video from the stage. You need someone who is skilled at creating events in real time—for real people. This is one reason why I prefer to link to client produced videos of productions whenever possible. I feel this is the most honest approach.

Now there is a legitimate reason why magicians invest in flashy editing to beef up their promotional videos. Magic on video seldom conveys the power of a live performance. While you can get chills from listening to a song on the radio, magic is truly a live performance art. Unless you know with your heart and mind that what you are seeing is truly impossible because it is happening right in your hands, you can never experience the full impact.

There is no substitute for seeing a magician work in real life. I would much rather meet with the client and show them something that gives them that feeling of real magic than send them a dozen videos of elaborately staged productions. Your guests will remember how they are made to feel, not what was edited together on a screen.

Some of the most talented and creative magicians on the planet avoid recording their acts because they know that the screen dilutes the impact of the moments created. So, when choosing a magician for hire for your event, don’t rely entirely on the promotional package. See the magician live whenever possible. That way you’ll know exactly how they will make your guests feel.

In summary, remember the following when considering a magician for hire:

  1. Does the magician have experience performing for groups like yours and are they respected by their peers for their knowledge and abilities as a performer for groups like yours?
  2. There are many types of magic presentations which can enhance your event, e.g., theatrical, atmospheric, or immersive. Does the magician have experience performing in these different scenarios, and can they help create magic which is ideal for your goals?
  3. Don’t trust credits and videos. See your performer live whenever possible, even if they aren’t presenting the show you are considering. This will tell you more than any promo video.

I hope these tips will help you make good entertainment choices for your next party or event. Should you like help finding the perfect person for your entertainment needs, I’d be thrilled to help. Get in touch.

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  1. Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith says:

    My son wants a magician for his birthday. Thanks for the advice about how you should get a magician that is skilled at creating events in real time. Another thing to consider is to get a magician that is licensed.


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